We are a company a technology-based company created in December 2022 dedicated to environmental monitoring applications, from the generation of high-value data to the creation of digital twins for environmental and water management applications. ENVISAD offers services in the realization of studies or consultancy, as well as training, in the field of technologies and information applied to detection techniques and environmental measurements in aquatic environments. Including:

Selection of the most appropriate monitoring systems for each environment and case, both in autonomous systems and integrated in other infrastructures, including buoys, profilers, landers, etc….

  • Design, integration and construction of floating, terrestrial or submerged platforms (including ROV, buoys and profilers) for monitoring the state of aquatic conditions, environment and infrastructures.
  • Oceanographic lander tools and cameras, such as the lander deployment and recovery multi-purpose ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) for oceanographic surveys.
  • Buoy profiler integration with state of the art sensors, both for coastal waters and freshwater, having been used in many rivers and lakes.
  • Data acquisition; system integration and piloting software, both for the local and remote configuration, navigation and management of underwater platforms and monitoring systems.
  • Data collection, processing and distribution of all types data obtained from water bodies and aquatic ecosystems; commercialization of water data services, including context meteorological, geographic, geological, geopositioning and satellite information that will add value and provide big data services.
  • Management and distribution of big data for water quality control; planning, design and monitoring of hydraulic works on different bodies of water and/or wastewater; technical design services for monitoring facilities; engineering design for the prevention of the effects of climate change; planning and technical designs to support water treatment plants and water treatment: scientific and technological research in the field of the effects of natural disasters. Civil protection and safety in aquatic environments.